‘Maps to the Stars’ Spoilers: Robert Pattinson Indulges in Steamy Sex with Two Actresses in First Trailer—Find Out How it Looks


The official trailer for the much awaited Robert Pattinson's movie "Maps to the Stars" is out and has created some stir in the media. The trailer has become hot topic of discussion because Robert Pattinson has some steamy sex with two actresses in the movie. He is heating things up with actress Mia Wasikowska and indulges in an intense making out session with actress Julianne Moore in a limo.

The trailer of David Cronerberg's movie "Maps to the Stars" was released on Monday, April 14, 2014. The trailer that emerged on popular video sharing Web site Youtube.com was later taken down due to copyright issues. Here you can find out how the trailer looks (based on media reports).

According to the Hollywood Life report, the trailer has lots of "steamy scenes." In the trailer of the movie that is described as satire drama film, viewers are first introduced to the main characters of the film. Robert Pattinson is portraying the character Jerome Fontana who is limo driver with high ambitions of becoming an actor. "Maps to the Stars" also features Mia Wasikowska who is playing the role of Agatha Weiss. She is described as "pyromaniac." At one point, in the trailer, Robert Pattinson is seen "on top of Mia" while making out. The actor is seen indulging in even more passionate sex with actress Julianne Moore who is playing the role Havana Segrand. Havana is an actress who can later be seen "having sex in a bath tub with a woman."

"Maps to the Stars" stars John Cusack as Dr. Stafford Weiss, Olivia Williams as Cristina Weiss, Sarah Gadon as Clarice Taggart and more. It is Robert Pattinson's second film with director David Cronerberg after "Cosmopolis."

"Maps to the Stars" storyline follows the lives of members of Weiss family. John Cusack's Stafford Weiss is a psychotherapist who has several self-help books in his name that helped him make big bucks. His wife Olivia Williams' Cristina Weiss is the manager of their son Benjie who happens to be a popular child star, recuperating from the problem of substance abuse after he comes out of drug rehabilitation program. He has a sister, Mia Wasikowska's Agatha who is criminal pyromania and after returning from the hospital she become friends with Robert Pattinson's Jerome and Havana Segrand's personal assistant. Havana aims to remake her mother's 1960's super hit film.

"Maps to the Stars" has figured in several lists of most anticipated films of 2013 and 2014, according to Wikipedia. Some of the lists include, 100 Most Anticipated Films of 2014 list by IndieWire, IonCinema and Screencrush where it is placed at number 15, number 8 and number 7, respectively. The film is expected to release sometime in 2014 in the U.S. and on May 21, 2014 in France and Italy and on Aug. 8, 2014 in Netherlands, according to IMDb.com  

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