‘Maps to the Stars’ 2014: Kristen Stewart, Look Away! Robert Pattinson Spotted Kissing Mystery Brunette in Canada

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Things are still a bit sketchy but it sure was Kristen Stewart’s ex, Robert Pattinson, in a photo showing the British hunk liplocking with a brunette while out with friends in Toronto, Canada.

Fact, Rob is in Canada, on location shoot for David Cronenberg’s Maps to the Stars. As earlier reported by IBTimes-AU, the actor has been spending times with his co-stars and film crew in between takes for his scenes on the drama film.

On July 23, the actor was seen having a night out with co-stars. While other news outlets call it a little wrap time party, IBTimes-AU believes it was a getting-to-know party with co-stars. The Twilight hunk had just flown in to Toronto, Canada on July 17 and he was seen on set for the first time a couple of days later and more photos of the star looking happy and a dashing debonair on July 22.

While more photos of the actor on the set of Maps to the Stars were expected to thrill his devoted fans, a different set of images surprised them especially if the man they had hoped for an immortal love with his Twilight lover, Kristen, was seen “liplocking with another woman.”

A close look at the photo showed Rob snapped all smiles with a group of stars on a night out. With him were Jesse Eisenberg (Social Network), Mia Wasikowska and an identified brunette. The unidentified woman was sure not his Canadian co-star Sarah Gordon. It surely was not Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, red head Riley Keough.

Sporting an all black casual looks and a bonnet to complete his looks, Rob left viewers and onlookers agape when not only did he give the dark-haired woman a big hug, but he also made quite a shocking scene with what appeared to be him, getting “tongue-tied” as Robsessed fan put it, getting heavy kissing the girl on the lips.

Now, while Kristen is away filming Camp X-Ray in California, the big question is, who is the brunette? If it was not Sarah Gordon nor Riley Keough, who was the dark-haired girl? Was she the same woman who was with him leaving Sunset Boulevard’s Chateau Marmont in the early morning of June 25.

In the images taken in the wee hours of June 25, Rob was seen a bit too sleepy with his eyes half-closed as the car was wheeling out of the high-class hotel. Noted in the earlier report that Rob was snapped facing the girl at some point and all could be seen was the backwards-cap with "ABOVE" printed on it. This photo prompted reports that Rob was snuggling with the mystery woman and kissing her as they were leaving the establishment.

Could this be the same woman Rob got intimate with, while out with friends on July 23? For more of the images of the woman back then, click here.

Rob is in Toronto filming Maps to the Stars, his second collaboration with director, David Cronenberg. Kristen, however, is filming another drama film, Camp X-Ray in California. The two has continued to lead separate lives since they broke up on May 19, 2013.

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