The Many Times Rihanna Smoked Weed and Posted on Instagram [PHOTOS]


Take a look at the many Instagram photos singer, Rihanna, posted of herself smoking marijuana and promoting its use. Just like a real case of a "good girl gone bad." 

Rihanna has already established, many times, that she is a "bad girl" (username: badgalriri), who likes "bad boys" (bad enough to hit and get her back). Now, the singer is taking "bad" to a very public level by posting photos of herself smoking marijuana countless times.

Rihanna's Instagram account has more than 4 million followers, including accounts of minors and young fans who are constantly seeing the singer in "almost naked" shots, racy poses, and yes, posting everything related to her love of smoking pot. Rihanna has already took her stand numerous times with regards to her marijuana use. No problem in that, but the way she's admitted herself to be a "role model" is not really transcending with her Instagram photos.

One photo, dated Dec. 22, 2012, has the caption "Friday night and getting a lil fuzzy," and it shows the singer in bed, holding a fat blunt between her fingers. Even the photo Rihanna posted today, Jan. 24, has her in a gold, shimmering shirt with a long blunt resting on her lips. 

Smoking weed might be considered "normal" for stars in the music industry, but not for someone who knows that she has "tweens" in her fanbase.

In fact, "Girls" star, Lena Dunham has spoken about this "rebel" image Rihanna is trying to shove on her fans' throats.

"[Being a role model] is amazing. It's an amazing thing and it's like, it's a platform that you have to take seriously. Which is why sometimes it's like I used to be really into Rihanna, that pop star, and then it's like again, I don't want to ever throw stones from my glass house, but I follow her on Instagram and I just think about how many little girls beyond what I could even comprehend are obsessed with Rihanna. Like you know, she left Barbados, she's had this amazing career, she's won a Grammy." said Dunham in a report posted by

"She's talented. And then she gets back together with Chris Brown and posts a million pictures of them smoking marijuana together on a bed. And it cracks my heart in half in a way that makes me feel like I'm 95 years old" continued the Golden Globe-winning actress.

Also, it's  not as if RiRi cares about her reputation at this point. Rihanna and Chris brown are already tagged as this generation's "Bobby and Whitney." And since the two had a very public lashing out after Brown hit Rihanna several times in a parking lot and basically "got away with it", more criticisms from other celebrities can follow Dunham's any time soon. Especially with how Rihanna is maintaining her Instagram account.

View the slideshow to see Rihanna's "unapologetic" marijuana photos and see how the singer "loves 'em blunts."

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