Manny Pacquiao’s Religious Rendition of the Song “Happy Birthday” for Freddie Roach’s 54th Birthday [VIDEO]

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Manny Pacquiao and his camp have a religious birthday wish for Freddie Roach on his 54th birthday, and they even sang it to the tune of the song "Happy birthday." Watch the video below.

Video courtesy: YouTube/Rappler

Roach is currently in the Philippines for Pacquiao's training in preparation with the rematch against Timothy Bradley, reported. According to the Web site, Roach was training Pacquiao at the Pacman Wild Card Gym in General Santos on Thursday afternoon when the Filipino eight-division World Champion along with his other trainers and several onlookers burst into singing "Happy Birthday." Some guy was playing the guitar and Pacquiao was holding a birthday cake. Roach didn't cry but he was certainly caught off-guard. A birthday surprise from the world champion was probably the last thing that Roach had expected.

After the little surprise birthday greeting, Pacquiao has reportedly got back to training, the Web site further reported. Pacquiao sparred seven rounds with Lydell Rhodes before sparring with Roach for 10 rounds.

Rhodes revealed to GMA News that Pacquiao is in good condition that he had expected him to be. "It was a good surprise," Rhodes said. "We have a little bit of game plan, we're making more adjustments, we're doing very well," Rhodes added.

The Hall of fame trainer is also pretty contented with how Pacquiao did during his sparring session with him. "It was pretty good, his timing is getting a little bit better," he said. Roach said that it was the best training that Pacquiao had ever had up to date. "I am really happy with where he's at, because conditioning wise, he's really like 80%."

Pacquiao is expected to fly to Los Angeles to continue his training on Saturday, where he will be sparring with Kendall Holt, Steve Forbes, and Julian Rodriguez.

Pacquiao and Bradley are set to clash on April 12 at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Who do you think will triumph this time around?

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