Manny Pacquiao Stars in New Self-Help-Talk-Drama Show (VIDEOS)

Admits Infidelities in Pilot Episode for Airing on Feb 10

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Eight-division boxing title holder Manny Pacquiao is back - not on the ring for a bout with Floyd Mayweather Jr or another rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez. He is back on Manila television after his game show titled Manny Many Prizes ended.

From hosting a game show, Pacquiao will try a new genre, hosting a self-help-talk-drama show titled Para sa 'Yo Ang Laban Na To (This Fight is for You). The show airs its pilot episode on Sunday, Feb 10, with the champ himself confessing his marital infidelities.

The show tackles viewers' problems which Pacquiao and his co-host, Filipina actress Jean Garcia, will attempt to fix and give the parties involved more enlightenment. The pilot episode was taped on Feb 4 with extramarital affairs as the topic.

Manny could very well be an expert on the subject having had his share of dalliances with young starlets before his recent Christian conversion.

"There were two couples who were here and I could relate to the story of their lives . . . because it was my own story as well," the Philippine Entertainment Portal quoted Pacquiao who spoke in Filipino.

When his co-host asked him when he decided to stop inflicting pain on his wife Jinkee because of his womanizing, Pacquiao recalled that he asked his wife's forgiveness several times and promised to mend his way.

"But I always failed because there are a lot of temptations that surrounded me. Whatever I wanted, I could easily get it," he said in Filipino.

However, after he embraced Christianity, Manny found strength in God.

"So I told her, Babe (that's how I call my wife), this time I won't make promises to you, but I will promise to God because I have surrendered my life to him," the champ said.

He assured his co-host that the other women in his life are gone, and only four females matter most in his life. These are his wife Jinkee

Mother Dionesia, who disagrees with Manny's change of religion

And two daughters, Princess and Queen Elizabeth

The title of his new show actually came from a song that Pacquiao made. Here is the MTV of the song.

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