Manny Pacquiao, Muhammad Ali: Parallel Lives of Champions


Muhammad Ali enjoyed good health and a good game at the Super Bowl despite rumors of a near-death condition. Fans can now rest easy because the world's greatest boxer is in a stable condition.

To celebrate Ali's legacy, here are some of Ali's greatest moments, and a potential followed in his footsteps, albeit in more ways than one.

Joe Frazier in Manila

Ali's fight with Joe Frazier happened in Manila on October 1975, marking not only the final battle between the two, but also the escalation of trash talk, reports The Sun.

Despite trash talks, however, the People's Champion took the stage and the belt, with the final round ending with Frazier suffering from swollen-shut eyes and knowing the meaning of the doubled pain that comes with an unfulfilled trash talk.

Cleveland Williams in Houston

In 1966, Ali knocked out Cleveland Williams three times, making a name for himself as the top hard hitter in boxing history. Match this with lightning speed, excellent footwork, and devastatingly accurate jabs, and you already know who controls the game.

The fight would have ended in two rounds alone, if Williams wasn't propelled to the first few seconds of the third round, beaten down again, reports Mirror.

Karl Mildenberger in Frankfurt

Not every fight was an easy win for Ali, as he saw a struggle against Karl Mildenberger in 1966 for the world title.

It was a tough fight for the world champion, reports The Bleacher Reporter and the fight lasted until 12 rounds, though it ended with a TKO by Ali's fist.

Manny Pacquiao: A boxer following Ali's footsteps in many ways

If there was a boxer whom people had thought would be a hopeful competitor or at least successor to the title of Ali, it would have to be Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.

"Manny reminds me of my dad. He's a very generous person, a very loving person, and he takes his (earnings) and gives back to his community, that's what my dad has done. He's one of the few boxers that I know that has the social conscience that he gives back to his community," says Rasheda Ali, daughter of Muhammad Ali in a press conference last year, according to AllVoices.

But during his most recent fight with Juan Manuel Marquez at the end of last year, where Pacquiao suffered a crushing knockout, Rustico Jimenez, M.D. of the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines, has expressed his concern about the possibility of Pacquiao having Parkinson's disease, reports Forbes.

Another doctor, Raquel Fortun, has also been alarmed over the possibility that Pacquiao could have suffered from a slight seizure after the knock out.

Two other doctors from the Philippine General Hospital, Dr. Ibet Sih and Dr. Michelle Anlacan, have also voiced out some reasons for alarm, reports ABS-CBN News. According to them, the knock out that may have resulted in a concussion, preceded by the several head traumas that Pacquiao received throughout his career.

Parkinson's disease is a condition that is not uncommon among boxers, and is the disease that Ali himself is suffering.

Does the future pose a similar path for the Filipino boxer? Whether it's his resignation from the world of boxing or the possibility of having a similar condition as the famed boxer, time will tell.

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