Manny Pacquiao Losses Big With Decision To Stay Under Top Rank


Manny Pacquiao, fresh from reclaiming his WBO Welterweight title after beating Tim Bradley last April, should have agreed to fight an elite fighter next. Instead, he suddenly found out that he's facing an unheralded American fighter named Chris Algieri. This shouldn't have been the case. It's not even at par with Pacquiao's legendary status.

Being the only man to win a world championship title in eight different weight divisions, it's true that the 35-year old Pacquiao has nothing to prove anymore. His tenacity and explosive left punch will be forever part of boxing's immortality.

But hardcore boxing fans are thinking the other way around. They believed that Pacquiao must start thinking unifying his division or move up to another weight for a chance at re-writing history once again. Even more, Pacquiao's hunger for a spectacular win should never ceased to exist, because it's the only way for people to forget a devastating sixth-round knockout loss to Juan Manuel Marquez in 2012.

Of course, there's no better fight out there than his long-due rumble with pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. Money May might have been denying Pacman as a top contender for the past four years, but in the back of his mind, the Filipino boxer equals more dollars in his bank. 

The huge financial boon (estimated at a whopping $300 million) in store in a fight against Pacquiao did pique the interest of Mayweather. Earlier this year, the Grand Rapids native has expressed his optimism to fight Pacman, only if he negotiates as a free-agent fighter. This statement from Mayweather has revived boxing's fans aspirations to see the two top pound-for-pound fighters going at each other in the squared circle. Unfortunately, all of this hope was put to a pipe-dream drain after Pacquiao made his most regretful decision ever - re-signing with Bob Arum's Top-Rank Promotions.

Pacman's Face-Palm Decision  

At this point of his career, Pacquiao should not be taking on rookies or another who's that? fighter like Algieri. There's no doubt that Algieri is no scrub, and he's hell-bent to give Pacquiao his toughest 12 rounds of his career. But let's get things straight, Algieri is nothing near to Pacquiao's level. Ultimately, he will be demolished with ease - a dismaying sight for boxing fans hungry for a Marco Antonio Barrera-Erik Morales or Diego Corales-Jose Luis Catillos kind of a fight.

In the end, it's not Algieri's fault why he's being pitted in an expected lopsided fight against Pacquiao. There's no one but Pacquiao to take the blame for disappointing boxing. His decision to stay with Top-Rank, which clearly lacks the overflowing talents rival Golden Boy Promotions has, leads to this blunder.Though Oscar De La Hoya stressed that the cold war between GBP and Top-Rank is about to end, a greedy Arum would never let other company get a share of the money Pacquiao will be generating from his fight. Yes, it's a sweet-nothing comment once more from the Golden Boy.

Pacquiao vs. Danny Garcia, Shawn Porter, Marcos Maidana, Keth Thurman would have been way better alternative to a Mayweather battle than this pony Algieri match. Of course, he will earn at least $20 million in his upcoming fight. After all, it's a shrewd easy money business decision. However, Pacquiao's regretful decision would eventually haunt him, and that could take away some reps from a man known for his fearlessness against tough competition.

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