Manny Pacquiao Brushes Off Justin Bieber's Mocking Tweets

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Leave it to the Philippine boxing champion, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao to be humble amidst defeat. Unlike some other sore losers in the boxing business, Manny had remained mum and had even laughed off hilarious internet memes of him. Yet, what was Manny's comment and reaction with regards to the Justin Bieber issue?

Canadian pop artist, Justin Bieber, who is a known supporter of Floyd Mayweather Jr. had posted insulting photos of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao on his Instagram account minutes after the big fight that Manny had lost.

The first photo posted by Bieber was that of Manny being woken up by Simba with the caption that read, "Wake up Dad." This was followed by another photo of Pacman edited alongside Michael Jackson with the caption, "Pacquiao doing the lean with MJ.. Classic moment."

Justin Bieber had obviously found this funny and rather than apologizing to Filipino fans who had been insulted by the tweets, Bieber had simply shrugged it off. The 18-year old singer even went on to add how Marquez had been defeated mercilessly by his idol, Mayweather. Also, claimed Mayweather had nothing to gain from fighting Manny Pacquiao.

"He has nothing to gain fighting pacqiao, Floyd has never in his professional career lost a fight and Pacqiao lost his last two fights. If Floyd wins its not that big of a deal Cuz it would be his third loss in a row, and lf he loses he's gonna ruin his legacy either way there's no big win for Mayweather.. Mayweather is boxing," explained Bieber.

After days from the fight, Manny had finally spoken up and unlike his enraged Filipino fans, Pacman had simply shrugged off all the internet memes including that of Justin Biebers insults.

"Sabi nga sa kautusan ng Panginoon (The Word of the Lord says), pray for those who persecute you,"said Pacquiao, adding, "So we will pray for them. Patawarin natin sila. (Let us forgive them)."

Still, this has not stopped enraged Filipino fans from retaliating against the Canadian singer. As of the latest, Justin Bieber is set to be banned from the Philippine shores. If there are still a few "Beliebers" left in the Philippines, they'd better get Justin to apologize or risk not ever seeing their "Baby" singer ever again.

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