Manny Pacquiao Boxing Memes and the Mitt Romney 'Jinx' Connection [PHOTOS]

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"Did Mitt Romney jinx Manny Pacquiao?" A pop blog asks. Why would the former U.S. presidential candidate be linked to the result of Pacquiao's most recent boxing fight? It must be because, unfortunately, they both lost.

Just as Romney lost to Obama in the U.S. election, Pacquiao also lost to Juan Manuel Marquez in the boxing ring. It does not seem to be a case of "fourth time's a charm." Marquez told the AP, he "threw a perfect punch."

"If you give us a chance, we'll fight again," Pacquiao was quoted as saying. "I was just starting to feel confident and then I got careless."

"I never expected that punch," Pacquiao also said.

"Did Mitt Romney jinx Manny Pacquiao?" EOTM asked. As far as Marquez is concerned, it did not matter whether someone who lost his own battle had visited Pacquiao in his dressing room before their fight. Marquez takes into account a wise strategy in his triumph.

"We always worked on that punch," Marquez said. "We knew he was going to come out aggressive so we had a fight plan that was more technical. We were able to capitalize on it."

Manny's supporters from his home country, the Philippines, are posting to social networks to call for a remembrance of the boxing hero's previous victories.

"We were with [Manny Pacquiao] when he was winning. We should also be with him in his defeat. Admit it, he made the Philippines proud," says one of the memes circulating in the internet today.

Some of the memes stay on the funny side: "How many Mexicans does it take to KO Pacquiao?" One of the memes asked. Click 'Start' to see the answer in the accompanying Manny Pacquiao memes.

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