Manning Brothers Rapping for DirecTV, Went Viral

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The Football on Your Phone rap for DirecTV was released to the world on Tuesday, featuring no other than the Manning brothers. Oh yeah, the two NFL quarterbacks. Who would have thought right? And the video is epic too! It went viral just hours after release. Not that that's surprising if you watch the video. You'll be itching to hit share or spread the URL too.

Peyton Manning is the NFL quarterback playing for Denver Broncos. His younger brother, Eli Manning, is the quarterback playing for the New York Giants. They're the children of former NFL quarterback Archie Manning. With this kind of talent, who could have imagined they can rap too? Apparently, DirecTV was able to sniff this talent out and now, the world get to see it. That and them in funky, swanky costumes. Very far from their sweaty jerseys.

The Football on Your Phone rap starring the Manning brothers was designed to promote DirectTV's Sunday Ticket Max, which allows you to access their NFL package on your portable devices. Watch NFL on your phones, tablets and laptops.

Check the video out below and see for yourself how funny and talented Peyton and Eli Manning are, even outside the football field. These two certainly made the 3 minutes count.

While at it, maybe you should also make a switch back to DirecTV, which is the intended purpose of this great rap anyway.


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