Manchester United vs. Real Madrid Funniest Memes [PHOTOS]


Two of the best teams will have their match sooner than expected. Manchester United will play against Real Madrid-Barcelona on Wednesday night for the Champions League duel.

It looks like fans of Manchester United and Real Madrid will have their wishes early for this year. United and Real are two of the best teams of the league. Not only that, they also have massive count of supporters and followers.

Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson put his team under training before they head out to Spain. Ashley Young, Paul Scholes, Jonny Evans and Rio Ferdinand were spotted training on Tuesday to get themselves ready for the match.

Ferguson made it a point to keep his boys training in Manchester till the very last day. It is in fact a way to keep their plans for the game in tight secret. It is has also been predicted that Ashley Young will be handed a midfield role.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid was strict in allowing media during their practice. They did their stretches away from the camera an opted to start their training after the all media personnel left the field. Xabi Alonso, a former Liverpool midfielder, did train on Tuesday morning despite doubts about his participation in the team.

Reports also say that around 5,000 Manchester United fans will fly to Bernabéu to support the team. However, a significant number of them still doesn't have tickets.

Jonny Evans had no doubt regarding his team's chance against Real Madrid. The football player boasted that they play with Premier League teams every week so there is no reason why Manchester United should feel inferior against Real Madrid.

"We can't be daunted. We are Manchester United. Teams look up to us as well. I am sure the same pressures will be on them. They have good players who can hurt you but we play against Premier League opposition every week and that is one of the best leagues in the world," Evans said.

While the football war seems serious, let's take time to look at some of the funniest memes of Manchester United and Real Madrid. 

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