Manchester United and Real Madrid Draws Tie

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Cristiano Ronaldo helped his team score a spectacular header for the game against Manchester United. However, with both team's efforts, the game draws to a tie.

Both teams were wishing that they would win the match last night in the last 16 of the Champions League. But that's not how things turned out, none of them won but instead the game was called for a draw.

Although fans were a bit disappointed, a draw is better than losing. United's Danny Welback gave his team the lead with a header under the 20th minute mark. But Ronaldo rose high 10 minutes later to swing his 183rd goal for real Madrid.

"We began very strong and suddenly they scored and the match took on another form for us," Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid's coach said.

Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea who plays for Manchester United also gave some impressive play on display. He was able to make some important saves including his fingertip effort to stop Fabio Coentrao's shot.

"Fortunately, David De Gea made some very good saves. He's been improving all season and he made an absolutely superb save there," Manchester United's manager Sir Alex Ferguson said. "The first half I was a bit disappointed by how deep we defended and gave Real a lot of opportunities for crosses and shots."

All the fans that were present at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium amplified their cheers for their teams. Indeed both teams gave their audience a good show, considering that United and Real are two of the best teams there is today.

"Manchester is a very strong team defensively and they created a few problems for us," Cristiano Ronaldo said. "But we really needed to have scored one or two more goals."

Real's coach also recognized Manchester's efforts and defense on the field. He mentioned that United knows how to attack and who to attack.

"They came here to defend well. They came here to not concede spaces and goals, and they did not play to win. But they know they have in attack very important players with great potential that out of nothing can create chances and score goals," Mourinho said.

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