Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain Violated UEFA's Financial Fair Play Rules

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English powerhouse Manchester City and French giant Paris Saint-Germain have been discovered violating the UEFA's Financial Fair Play rules, a BBC News reported.

The UEFA's club financial control board already presented settlement offers to these ball clubs on Thursday.  Man City and PSG have now to decide if they are going to accept the offered sanctions or ask to negotiate a lesser punishment, which could be a reprimand to a fine or European squad restrictions next term.

Despite the possible sanctions, UEFA won't be banning the two ballclubs from the Champions League tournament next year.

"What I think is going to happen are measures over Champions League squads next season," says BBC Radio 5 live sports news correspondent Richard Conway via Real GM.

"Perhaps a salary cap or limiting the number of eligible players in the squads, perhaps even making a new signings ineligible for the Champions League squad next year."

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