Man Wakes Up Flying 50 Metres Into The Air In Elaborate Japanese Prank [VIDEO]

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The Japanese have taken their prank to a new height... literally. A prank uploaded online shows an unsuspecting man being propelled 50 metres in the air while he’s strapped in his bed, and the whole thing is hilarious!

In the video, comedian Toshiaki Kasuga is seen sleeping so soundly that he didn’t even notice when workers came to secure him on the bed. He was only stirred awake when fireworks started exploding under his bed.

In a radio interview, translated by Kotaku, Kasuga said he was told to be at the base of Mt Fuji for work early the next morning. When he arrived the night before, he headed out with the crew to get drunk in an effort to stay warm during the cold night.

The next thing he knew was being woken up by the fireworks under his bed. When he thought about getting up, the bed was then boosted 50 metres into the air. Also, he was strapped into the bed so he was unable to move.

Apart from being shocked (but hopefully not traumatised) at the prank, he appeared to be fine.

The elaborate prank was aired on the Japanese television show called Dokkiri Award. Dokkiri means “being surprised” in Japanese.

Practical jokes like this aren’t unusual in the Asian country, where pranks are taken to the extreme level. However, this is perhaps the biggest one that the Japanese have ever done yet, or at least one that has been uploaded online for the rest of the world to see.

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