Man Sues McDonalds For $1.5M After A Manager 'Did Not Give' Him Napkins

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Some people said when a man from California sues McDonalds for $1.5 million over a napkin, the world is definitely becoming "too crazy."

When Webster Lucas, an African-American was allegedly given only one napkin inside his Quarter Pounder Deluxe order, he went up to the counter to ask for more napkins but didn't get the fulfillment he needed and instead was rudely refused for some.

Lucas, TMZ reported, claimed that he was refused for some napkins at the McDonalds in Pacoima, Calif. on Jan. 29. After ordering the Quarter Pounder Deluxe, he went up to the counter and asked for more, but the manager didn't give him any and insisted that he already got some.

"I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn't come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat," Lucas stressed.

It was after the speech that the manager, Lucas claimed in his lawsuit, started going racist.

"You people," the Mexican-American manager said under his breath.

Lucas, then, resorted to another action. He emailed the general manager a complaint insisting that he couldn't work because of the "undue mental anguish" he was suffering.

According to a report from Liberty Voice, Lucas attempted to allegedly make peace with McDonalds the second time, but the manager, whom Lucas called "Angel," was unreasonable and unfriendly, again, in a phone call. 

The phone call was made to inform the main manager of the fastfood that he could not work due to what the manager, whom he called "Angel," caused him. It was an emotional distress, which Lucas believed was intentional.

Lucas was even more insulted when the fastfood "insultingly" offered him free burgers as an apology. He noted he was unable to return to work due to the mental anguish that the incident caused him.

He said he was trying to get the correct spelling of the manager's name but he was only played around.

The incident triggered Lucas to file a lawsuit against McDonalds asking for $1.5 million to appease the emotional distress that he went through. Currently, McDonalds faces a supersized lawsuit over some napkins. 

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