Man of Steel Review and Funny Memes: 5 Problems Superman Henry Cavill Can't Fix [MEMES, PHOTOS]


Man of Steel reviews by entertainment writers do not have a lot of positive things to say about the movie, but fans of the comics have mixed feelings about the 2013 take by David Goyer and Zack Snyder. 

Spoiler Alert: This Man of Steel review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

For a beloved superhero film, Man of Steel was almost boring if not deadly so. Henry Cavill looks ever glorious and beautiful in a grander Superman costume sans the misplaced briefs. But he could only do so little to help the film. Even with inputs from Christopher Nolan, or perhaps because of the inputs by him, there were some things fans just couldn't appreciate.

One of the best Man of Steel reviews was written by Peter Travers of Rollin Stone. He notes, "Nolan knows from moody. And Snyder knows from fireworks. Nolan knows from holding back. Snyder, uh, doesn't. Together, they could have spawned a movie at war with itself, which admittedly [Man of Steel] often is."  

That Superman wound up killing General Zod is fine. Whatever creative liberties the recreators have, they certainly used it. In an alternate Superman history, Zod is his first kill, and it made him vow never to claim anyone's life again. But who is Clark Kent, really? Little is exposed about the titular hero despite flashbacks and hologram-graced scenes.

Man of Steel Review: 5 Problems Superman Can't Fix

5. Lack of chemistry between Henry Cavill (Clark Kent) and Amy Adams (Lois Lane). He's gorgeous, she's lovely. But sometimes, people who look great individually fail to create spark with one another. It's bad enough that there was no chemistry between the two actors to begin with. But it's worse when they don't have any good lines to throw at each other to at least amuse the viewers.

4. Why push the S meaning? So the "S" in Superman's costume actually means hope in Krypton. Or at least that's the 2013 storytellers would like to tell the audience. Was it necessary? It's just pushing too much drama where there's so much void elsewhere: in wit, in thrill, in a little broader character and relationships development.

3. Who's rooting for Superman? Goyer et al did well on their modern day take on Jor-El and General Zod. But it was a good prelude that did not quite deliver on its promise. For many points in the film, viewers would realize Russel Crowe and Michael Shannon are having more powerful stuff going on than Henry Cavill.

2. Why mess up the human mum and dad? Superman is a classic that won millions of hearts for the alien hero's relationships with humans. Having a dad who chose to die than be rescued by his superhero son - after a rather bitter argument, that is - is not part of the long-standing comics history. Mum commenting on, instead of creating the costume is not very touching, too. Not even amusing.

1. Awkward, shabby, stiff dialogue. Everyone is taking themselves too seriously. No sharp and witty lines, let alone punchlines to break the sleepiness throughout the film. Someone finally tries to make the audience laugh by saying, "I just think he's so hot," but it was towards the last moments of the film.

That said, Man of Steel viewers leave the theatres like something was taken from them (aside from the money). You don't bring home anything with you, just the problems you wished Superman could have fixed.

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