'Man of Steel' and 'Batman' Movie: Who Will be Their Villain?

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The upcoming 'Man of Steel' and 'Batman' duo movie has long been planned and talked about. News and rumors about production, cast, and other details flood the headlines here and there. To veer away in the heat of things, fans, critics, and viewers will naturally speculate who would be the next villain/s.

Aside from most commonly read news that Ben Affleck will play as the next Batman, and the release date of the said movie sequel to compete with other films, viewers might want to put in to consideration who should be the superheroes' main enemy and conflict are. A second follow-up to the Superman flick would make no sense if there won't but worthy villains to oppose.

More to the pleasure of critics, loyal comic book fans, and avid followers of DC universe's classic all-time heroes, they give out the most fitting villains that could appear in the big screens when the movie gets released come year 2015.

As for Superman of course, carrying the lead of the movie franchise in his more-than-capable shoulders, Lex Luthor is the easiest choice to be his next antagonist. Lex being known as Superman's arch enemy for life, will definitely present a perfect opposition. In the previous Man of Steel movie, telltale signs of the bald genius' appearance could be a sure thing to expect. His brains and evil tactics alone will make a formidable conflict for the two caped superheroes to handle.

Superman could also take on one of the most threatening villains to his existence, "Doomsday". According to the comic book, Doomsday is the only creature to have literally killed Superman in an exhilarating one-on-one, no holds-barred fight. That alone will make this detestable creature a problematic villain, should it be adapted to the movie screens. In addition, "Superman just learned his "don't kill" lesson in the fight with Zod, so fighting an indestructible monster bent on killing him would put the hero in a pickle.", said by Mark Hughes, super hero and entertainment films writer for forbes.com.

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How about Batman? He is very well included in the upcoming movie, so he might as well have his own deserving villain of his own. The Joker, with his twisted mind and criminal genius, could add a major attraction to the movie. One concern is that this green-haired madman (played by the late Heath Ledger) has already appeared and made quite the impact in "The Dark Knight" film before. Viewers may think that having the Joker re-appear in the sequel seem redundant or even unnecessary. It depends now on Warner Bros. and its directors if they will still add the Joker to mix of things.

To make the Superman-Batman collaboration work together, another villain worthy of their combined efforts should be put in to play. From the surfacing name sounded off by most fans and critics, Braniac is the viable choice. According to DC comics, Braniac is a bald green-skinned alien whose prime asset of course is his menacing mental prowess; level 12 intelligence, beyond-human calculating abilities, and advanced understanding of almost "ALL" technologies in the universe. These abilities he uses for the domination of planets in the universe. Apparently, it could be injected to the upcoming movie's plot that Brainiac finds Earth, and it will require the Superman and Batman to stop him.

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These are all speculations, but all these could be big possibilities for the much awaited sequel.

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