'Man of Steel 2' Ben Affleck Was Never The First Choice to Play Batman:It Was Josh Brolin

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Recently, revealed reports suggest that Ben Affleck was not the first choice to play the legendary role of Batman aka Bruce Wayne in "Man of Steel" 2 sequel. Before Affleck stepped into the skin of superhero, Josh Brolin was being considered for playing Batman. However, as luck may have it Brolin turned down the role due to his own reasons.

Apparently, some creative differences rose between Brolin and the maker of the film Zack Synder's that led him to turn down the iconic role.

"Me and Zack had a conversation about it," Brolin revealed to Enstarz, "there were several reasons why we said it wasn't the best idea on both sides. I had mine and Zack had his."

Moreover, Brolin does not want to become a part of all the hype, which comes as a part and parcel of Batman movies. Brolin wants to play character, which are little tainted, and not something, which will typecast him.

"To me it's not about being cool and all that stuff," he said. "Looking back over your shoulder and saying that one line everyone's going to remember? Maybe I could do that. But I do roles that aren't necessarily all that cool. All my stuff is a little off."

Though it is not like that Brolin is not open to comic book adaptation opportunities. In 2010 he did play a comic book character in the film  Jonah Hex. However, the film was unable to make its mark at the box office.

Meanwhile, Affleck had to suffer immense backlash after he accepted the role of Batman. Things like Affleck should die for doing the Batman role were said via Internet media. Regarding the criticism Brolin said, "People were so disrespectful," adding, "How can you blame an actor for acting? I understand you're a fan, but people forget that actors are human. When you're sitting in front of a computer it's easy to go, 'Well, I wish he would die. Send.' But somebody's going to read that. Their kids are going to read it and the wife is going to read it. We're so computer-oriented that we forget."

"Man of Steel" 2 will be hitting the theaters near you on 6 May, 2016.

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