Man Mortgaged His House To Pay For Extension for His 'Micropenis'

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An Australian man mortgaged his house to pay for an extension of his 'micropenis' for which he wants to spend a total of $ 113,000, of which he spent $45,000 on a failed surgery. Micropenis, a rare condition affecting one per cent of all men, is when the penis is erect measures less than 7 centimetres. 

The 33-year old, mortgaged a profitable construction contract that he just finished. He said that his penis was basically infant sized and that pre-surgery, he was two to three centimetres flaccid and now four centimetres. He continued that his erection is around seven centimetres.

As he is unhappy with the results, he plans to go in for a second surgery costing him $18,000 and another serious surgery costing $50,000. Being healthy and fit, the man claims that his micropenis has had devastating impacts which has affected his sex life, confidence, friendships, interaction with others and even led to him being bullied at school, depression and low self-esteem. He said that the size of his penis affected his confidence and that when he was in school, it became evident and so other boys found him an easy target.

He feels that his rare medical condition prevented him from doing and experiencing a lot of things. He has had sexual intercourse twice in his life, once when he was 24 and another 6 years later as he struggled to stick to a relationship because of his inability to speak to them.

His condition was so bad that he was scared of being seen naked in change rooms, hence he decided to avoid taking part in group sports. He also exclaimed that it was hard to get information about his condition as there were limited people to speak about it. 

The man said, "Paediatricians often failed to take the condition seriously especially if there is a possibility of treatment for growth-related issues. My mother took me to a female paediatrician about my 'small' penis, to which the doctor said: 'I've seen smaller'."

Dr. Geoffrey Paul, counselling and sport psychologist said, "There is often an emphasis on boys' physical development due to a lack of other rites of passage to manhood. It is the self-perception issue - am I man enough?" He continued that penis size can become such a huge badge of progress because there is such a variation in the onset of puberty. He suggests that one should work on improving their-self confidence to overcome penis size-related issues and that surgery should be their last option.

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