Man To Have Surgery To Remove 100-Pound Scrotum

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A man from Michigan, Dan Maurer, is to have his 100-pound scrotum removed surgically on Aug. 28, reported

The 39-year-old has had the inflamed scrotum from his late twenties, which his doctors blamed on his obesity. Despite shedding more than 20 kilograms, the scrotum continued to grow. 

Dan told New York Daily News that he knew it wasn't obesity but that something else was going in. He found that he had scrotal lymphedema after watching a documentary on TLC about Wesley Warren Jr. called "The Man With the 132-Pound Scrotum." Wesley had scrotal lymphedema, which was surgically removed by urologist Dr. Joel Gelman from the University of California. However, Wesley died a year later due to complications; he was suffering from diabetes. 

Dan was broke and hence, couldn't afford to go see Dr. Gelman in California for the surgery. He said that he kept thinking the surgery was never going to happen. 

When he went to his mother's church, a female parishioner told Dan that she had heard God tell her that it was her task to help Dan out. The parishioner, along with Dan and his mother, went on to raise funds by contacting media outlets and holding fundraisers like a spaghetti dinner, which had an audiende of 200 people. They also encouraged people through social media to help via the GoFundMe website.

They were successful in raising more than $27,000 for which more than 1,000 people contributed. Maurer was touched by the number of people supporting him.

Dan thanked all his donors -- because of their generosity, he will be flying to California to have the surgery. He said that because of the surgery, he might lose his life or his penis, but men suffering from the condition would want to consult the best doctor. 

He posted on Facebook the following message: "I went to the Doctor on Friday and not only did I lose 23 pounds in 5 weeks but I am super healthy based on my pre surgery test I should be able to handle the surgery great and heal very fast. we fly out in about a week wish me luck."

He has been unable to have sex with his wife, Mindy, in the last seven years and the first thing that he hopes to do after surgery is just that. 

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