This Man had A Full Grown Tooth in His Nose

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The new cavity treatment does not involve lasers or injections.
The new cavity treatment does not involve lasers or injections. Reuters

Many people experience nose bleeding, which is quite treatable a symptom.

But things turned out to be really strange with this 22 year old young man from Saudi Arabia.

According to the report by Live Science, this man suffered from nose bleeding once or twice in a month over three long years only to find out he had a tooth growing inside his nose. Physicians found a bony white mass of about 1 cm in his nasal cavity, which later on got confirmed by dentists as an extra tooth.

As explained by Daily Mail, nose bleeding usually occur in people who suffer from tonsillitis.

Surprisingly the man had a complete properly aligned set of normal teeth.

In order to find out a solution, doctors from the King Fahd Military Medical Complex, in Dhahran, extracted out the rogue tooth after putting the man under general anesthesia.

According to the report, which got published in the American Journal of Case Reports, the patient’s nose got healed and he suffered no more from nose bleeding.

While talking to Live Science, dentist Dr John Hellstein, professor of oral pathology at the University of Iowa told, “It's an unusual case of an extra tooth - certainly, the most impressive intranasal photo I think I've ever seen of one. I've never seen the tooth actually in there.”

He also explained that it was surprising as the tooth went undetected for such a long period of time.

It is believed that the man probably had a mesioden , a common type of extra tooth usually located near the incisors.

Dr Hellstein said that around a third of such teeth may develop upside down and can move towards the nose.

According to previous research, it was found that up to 3.9 per cent of people have more teeth which can come out at uncommon places.

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