Man In Coma After Genitalia Chopped Off In A Case of Mistaken Identity

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A man's penis was chopped off reportedly due to a case of mistaken identity. Despite the horrific attack, he had declined to file any complaint with the police.

Kelvin "Kelly" Hewitt was reported to be a victim of an attack at the side of the A66 railway close to Middlesbrough at 4:50 am on March 12. He was found by a passing motorist covered in blood and apparently distraught according to Mirror UK.  He was also missing his penis.

The horrific attack left the construction worker in an induced coma for four days since he couldn't endure the pain. Police also started on the investigation and came out arresting a 22-year old man. He was reportedly found to be involved with the attack. But was soon released on police bail without charges.

It was believed that Kelvin Hewitt was a victim of a case of mistaken identity. Mirror UK previously quoted friends who claimed he is a good man.

"He is no villain. You wonder if he was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and whoever did this was looking for someone else," a friend said.

The friend believes there's no reason why anyone would attack him in such a brutal way as to chop off his penis.

"Did they get the wrong man, and do this to him?" the friend added.

Now reports have claimed the father of seven has declined to file any complaint or report any suspect about the attack. Even after being discharged from the hospital, Hewitt has not been able to release a coherent account of the events that led up to the loss of his penis.  He also declined to comment on the assault.

The Cleveland Police force which has been looking into the case, asking for witnesses to come forward, have finally decided to close the investigation. A spokeswoman from the Cleveland Police said, "The investigation is now complete and we are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident."

Gazettelive reported Kelvin Hewitt would tike a long time to physically recover. He would also need to endure a long period of plastic surgery since the attack had left him with a severe injury. The whereabouts of his chopped off penis is still a mystery.

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