Man Behind Kris Jenner Sex Tape Come Out, Says He Plans To Sell it for 1 Million Dollar to Vivid Entertainment

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Kris Jenner is going through a rough patch. Not only is an unknown caller harassing her every day for the presence of her sex tape but the man is now planning to sell it to Vivid Entertainment, the porn company that is behind the release of many sex videos of celebrities, including one of Kris' daughter Kim Kardashian in 2007. has reportedly talked to the man, who has identified himself only as Troy and has been calling Kris hundreds of times a day. The man confirmed that Kris is aware about the sex tape, which has been shot at the Beverly Hilton hotel some time back and she does not want it out. However, there is no money that he has demanded from Kris regarding the tape, the Web site reports.

"She knew about this sex tape and did not want it out. It was about the sex tape and she doesn't want it out, so yes, I have contacted her lots of times," the man told the Web site.

He also denied false allegations against him that he is demanding money from Kris Jenner for the tape.

"That is totally false," Troy told the Web site. "Nobody has extorted money or asked to extort money from her. There is no money exchange."

Also, there has been speculation in the media that Troy was following Kris Jenner everywhere and keeping an eye on her. The media also reported that Troy messaged Kris "Are you enjoying the restaurant?" when she went out to eat in a restaurant in Malibu. However the reality is completely different. Troy told the Web site that Kris herself told him where she is going to eat out that day and he merely asked her about it.

''That's an absolute lie. She told me she was going to Nobu in Malibu and I quote unquote I asked her, 'How are you doing at Nobu?' Nobody said 'How are you doing at the restaurant?' She told me she was going to Nobu. She's a liar," Troy told the Web site.

Do you think that the man really has a sex tape from Kris Jenner, which will soon come out in public or he is just bluffing everyone by false claims? What are your views?

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