Man Beat Down Three-Week Old Daughter; Infant Has 18 Broken Bones

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A Michigan man has been charged with first degree child abuse after he allegedly battered his three-week old daughter, the Detroit Free Press reported on Tuesday. 

Lance Finner, a resident of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, is facing life imprisonment after his baby girl was believed to be a victim of severe abuse.

According to Children's Hospital of Detroit, the infant suffered 18 broken bones: fifteen were discovered newly shattered while three were previously broken. No head trauma was found, but the injuries from her neck down were severe enough to put the baby in critical condition.

Detroit News reported that detectives have already conducted their investigations and found out that Finner was the one watching the baby while the mother was asleep. However, in a report by Detroit Free Press, the mother was reportedly not around during the time of the alleged attack.

"He didn't give us any plausible information to say how the injuries may have happened," Sheriff Anthony Wickersham told the Detroit News via Huffington Post. "This baby didn't hurt itself."

Finner has already been charged with first-degree child abuse while his bond was set at $2 million. Despite the evidence, Finner's aunt and his wife's brother attended Monday's arraignment, believing he is innocent in the crime.

Authorities have already given the custody of two other children, a 14-year old and an 8-yeear-old child, to their grandparents' home while visitation rights are still given to the mother.   

It was not the first time Finner had an infraction with law. Finner was already charged with assault and battery in 2011 and convicted of one count of malicious destruction of property (the other was dropped) in 2008.

Finner's case came in the midst of increasing incidents of child abuse, one of which happened last August when two-year old Damian Sutton died due to severe shaken baby syndrome. The boyfriend of Sutton's mother is facing lengthy jail time after he was accused of shaking and throwing the child. Also in 2012, Randall Caballero was convicted to serve 16 to 25 years of imprisonment for strangling his three-year old stepson.

Child abuse and neglect cases have already spiked up by as much as 25 percent in Macomb County alone over the last 10 years, according to Kids Count in Michigan.

"Children are getting injured, abused and dying," the Sheriff said. "If the parents of these young kids can't handle it or babysitters can't handle it, we've got to get them some resources to help them take care of their kids."

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