Man Accused of AU’s Harrowing Incest Case Flees the Country

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The man accused in Australia's most harrowing incest case, Charlie Colt, has reportedly fled to the UK from Melbourne.

According to an exclusive report from the Daily Telegraph, on December 2013, authorities rescued children under the age of 16 from an appalling incestuous relationship of one family that has lasted for three generations. These children were born with physical deformities; some could barely speak, and yet were raised to have intimate relationships with each other.

The malnourished children, who could not even brush their teeth on their own, comb their hair and bathe themselves, revealed they were sexually abused by their uncles and cousins. Their aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, had sex with each other with consent.

Some of the children rescued suffered deformities due to identical gene patterns from their parents.

On Monday night, Colt talked with The Daily Telegraph from "just outside London". He fled in the hopes of knowing more of his family history after being arrested.

 "I thought 'bugger it'. When they arrest me I'll be locked up for six to 12 months awaiting trial. I've never abused a child in my life, I've never abused another person. I love my whole family dearly, but not sexually. I think it's absolutely disgusting, it's wrong, it's against everything we were brought up with, " Colt told The Daily Telegraph .

Colt said the accusation of incest was "absolute rubbish".

"The only one I'm not sure about was (niece) Tammy. She was pretty close to her cousin but they could have just been good friends."

He said that the incest allegation had only resulted from rumours that were spread by an angry ex-boyfriend of his sister.

"She told him straight out no and then he turned around and said 'I suppose you're f ... ing your brothers aren't you'. He was in the pub spreading it every night." Colt said.

Colt described their family life as joyful.

 "It was happy, the kids were happy all the time. Everybody laughed and talked and chipped in with everything," Colt shared.

Colt said he had been thinking of surrendering to the authorities but he was afraid that he will only be given an unjust trial.

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