Man With 2 Penises Does Reddit’s AMA (Ask Me Anything), Shows Photos As Proof

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A man with a rare medical condition called Diphallia has braved the Internet to show everyone his two sexual organs. He also did more than post pictures, though; he answered questions from the curious members of Reddit about what it’s like to have two penises.

Using the moniker DoubleDickDude on Reddit, the man promptly gave Redditors the chance to appease their curiosity on how it is to live with two functional sexual organs by answering their queries on the subreddit page Ask Me Anything (AMA).

“FAQ: Both are 100% functional. What I was born with is called Diphalia. I did NOT absorb a twin. It’s not genetic or inherited. I am bisexual and in a committed relationship with a man and a woman, but have permission to stray only with James Franco... wherever he is,” DoubleDickDude wrote as an introduction to himself.

His AMA post followed a day after he posted his organs’ photos on the site’s WTF section. And because his condition is rare, his Q&A portion got over 12,000 comments in just a few hours.

But of course, Netizens wouldn’t just take the word of an anonymous person online. They would need proof, and so he provided them with NSFW photos, which can be found here.

Yes, he uses both his appendages during sex at the same time, and both can ejaculate. He pees from both, but he generally avoids using public urinals because he gets stares from guys. Both are similar in size, and yes, he does have a favourite, the right one.

He wasn’t shy at mentioning his sexual encounters as well. Although he is already in a committed relationship with a man and a woman, he had quite a few one night stands before.

The reaction from women varied, “Some have been like WOW. some have been like THATS FAKE! some have freaked out like, called me names. Most are pretty curious, but i dont have casual sex anymore, i stopped a few years back. Didnt like the empty feeling inside after a 1 night stand. did a lot of those in my late teens. A LOT of them. but for the most part, girls were nervous and some changed their mind at the last minute. dudes NEVER change their mund, they always want it even if they’re freaked out a little. lol” (sic)

As for how he got the rare congenital condition, he said, “its congenital and its from some crazy sh** going on during development in the womb. my mom had some difficulties leading up to me being born and they noticed something was up with the ultrasound but not clearly till i came out with two dicks.”

He considered getting into the adult film industry a few years back, but has decided against it.

“its one thing to be unique its another to be a novelty. i’d only be popular for so long and then i’d just be another blip in the hiccup of the porn business. the pay is sh** from what ive seen and I don’t need money, I’m comfortable now. Besides, i can’t figure a value for my dignity. the only reason I let photos out is because i thought people might like to know, at least one guy with two normal dicks exist. all the others are pretty scary looking and i feel for them.”

He had considered having one of his penises removed in his mid teens, but decided against it. His parents also decided not to have one surgically removed when he was a child.

“...I was born with it for a reason. My mom admitted recently she had no idea what that reason was, but it’s there so it stays there. Glad she did, after everything because I really am one in millions. besides the ego boost it really makes a person feel special knowing there is likely no one else like you alive right now. And if they are, they are probably all fu**** up with other problems.”

He really is one in millions. According to the research by the Huffington Post, Diphallia occurs once in every 5.5 million men in the U.S.

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