Maleny Dairies Issues Product Recall in Queensland for E.Coli Contamination

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Maleny Dairies has issued a recall of its three milk products due to a possible contamination with E.coli bacteria in Queensland, Australia. According to Queensland Health, Maleny Dairies will be pulling out three of its products from Coles, Woolworths, IGA and other stores.

The Courier Mail has reported that some milk consumers have complained about falling ill after drinking Maleny Dairies milk on the Facebook page of Queensland Health. The department has advised consumers to seek medical advice if they are concerned about getting sick after drinking the milk.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) said three Farmer's Choice sold in one, two and three litre bottles of low fat and full cream mjlk will be recalled. Full cream milk in 300ml and 500ml bottles are part of the recall.

In its Web site, FSANZ stated that food products contaminated with E.coli may lead to sickness if consumed.  

Maleny Dairies owner Ross Hopper apologised to customers for the voluntary recall after tests picked up E.coli bacteria in milk products with use-by dates of Feb 12 and 13. According to reports, Mr Hopper said the source of contamination has been traced to a broken seal, which he added has been fixed.

E.coli in Fonterra cream

Meanwhile, food safety in New Zealand has been tainted once again after dairy giant Fonterra announced a recall of 8,700 bottles of fresh cream in January. Fonterra began a voluntary recall after quality tests revealed the possible contamination of E.Coli bacterium.

The Fonterra recall only covered its own Anchor brand and another supermarket brand in North Island. Although the bottles of cream believed to have E.Coli were distributed in New Zealand, the news of the recall had triggered memories of Fonterra's botulism scare in 2013.

French food company Danone had announced it will be cancelling its supply contract with Fonterra after the botulism scare in 2013. Danone resorted to court proceedings in Singapore and New Zealand to claim compensation from the dairy giant.  

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