'Maleficent' Diaval Sam Riley On Angelina Jolie and Filming The Disney Blockbuster (Video)

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"Maleficent" is a re-telling of the classic Disney fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty." Although this time the story revolves around the wicked witch who placed a curse on the infant princess.

In "Maleficent" Sam Riley plays Diaval, the loyal servant to the wicked witch (Angelina Jolie). He could have easily passed for the Prince Charming role with his Burberry-contracted boyish looks, according to Gulfnews. However, Riley opted to be the henchman or the "gobshite,"as he calls it, to the evil witch. The 34-year old British actor who played a vampire in "Byzantium," said he took the role because it was a new ground for him. In "Maleficent" he doesn't do drugs, die or have sex with anyone, as opposed to his character in the indie film "On the Road," where he stars alongside Kristen Stewart (Twilight). Riley also took the role to remind people that he still exists otherwise the casting directors will forget who he is, reports Gulfnews.

Sam Riley's role as Diaval is a vital presence in "Maleficent." According to Geektyrant, he delivers most of the expository dialogue to keep audiences well-informed of the goings-on in the film. Riley admitted that it was a challenge especially with the complicated sentences.

"I think I have my tongue in my cheek a little bit while doing some of them, particularly the complicated sentences," he said.

However, Riley didn't mind the challenge since he was working with Angelina Jolie. He thought working with her was an "attractive proposition." Riley said all of his scenes as Diaval were mostly with Jolie since he is after all the loyal servant to her character as Maleficent. In the movie, they mostly fight and bicker at each other like an old married couple. This came naturally to the both of them which he thought made his role bearable.

Sam Riley has nothing but praise for his "Maleficent" co-star Angelina Jolie, according to Geektyrant. He recalled that he was nervous at the start to be working with a famous actress such as Jolie. However everyone, even the crew, loves her on the set because she was very charming. So she made working easy especially since she didn't make anyone feel small with her presence.

Riley said shooting his role as Diaval in "Maleficent" took over seven or eight studios at Pinewood, that they had to use golf carts to move from one set to the next. He also recalled using a net over his head for secrecy in case anyone was watching. "I looked like Michael Jackson going shopping," he told Gulfnews.

Riley shot his Diaval role in "Maleficent" two years ago according to Geektyrant. So he hasn't actually seen the movie yet to discuss further details. Although he recalled his favourite thing in the movie was the horse. He said the crew used a real horse and it was beautiful especially with its mask on.

Disney's blockbuster "Maleficent" opens in US theatres on May 30.

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