Malaysian PM Accuses Airplane Manufacturer, Boeing for Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Disappearance

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Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014 and fifty days after the disappearance, there is still no trace of the missing jet. While the mystery of the plane continues to baffle one and all, former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad blames the makers of the airplane for the aviation history's biggest tragedy.

The former Malaysian PM believes that it is the airplane manufacturer, Boeing who should be blamed for the disaster, according to Inquistr. In a recent incident, angry relatives of passengers of missing Boeing 777 held staff of the Malaysia Airlines hostage. This seemingly angered Malaysian PM who said he is "very upset" over the issue concerning Malaysia Airlines employees. He believes that they are blaming "the wrong people."

"The loss of the plane is due to the makers Boeing," said Mahathir Mohammad.

The PM also questioned the plane's communications system that failed to track the missing jet. In times when spy satellites and mobile phones can easily track a plane, how is it possible that this plane could not be tracked, questions the PM. He believes equipment or plane's communication system was disabled that did not allow the crew or pilot to contact in the time of emergency. He demands an explanation from Boeing, answering the questions related to the failure or disabling of "means of tracking the plane."

"Either Boeing technology is poor or it is not fail-safe" says the former PM.

He calls out on the American company to provide all the answers and "demonstrate possible ways for the communications system to be disabled."

Mahathir Mohammad says that Boeing has not yet said anything about the incident must "accept the responsibility" for constructing a plane that disappeared mid-air.

Mahathir Mohammad was the fourth Malaysian PM who held the post for almost 22 years. He came to the power in 1981 and remained in the power until 2003. 

MH370 disappeared with 239 passengers on board while travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The missing Boeing 777 is thought to have crashed in Southern Indian Ocean. Even after seven weeks of continuous search efforts, no debris or objects related to the plane have been discovered. Meanwhile, Australian PM Tony Abbott announced that the search has now entered a new phase. Search mission will now focus on "underwater search using underwater technology," according to

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