Malaysian Flight MH370: “It was Looking Grim,” Premier Newman Says of Queensland Couple

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Relatives and friends of Queensland couple Catherine and Robert Lawton fear the worst as the missing Malaysian Flight MH370 was still yet to be tracked by officials.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said that scenario surrounding the missing Malaysian flight was looking grim and that friends and families should pray for a miracle.

 "But let's hold out hope for some sort of miracle. Our hearts and thoughts are with the families of all nationalities, but of course our Queensland friends. It doesn't look good," Mr Newman said.

Back at their hometown, the Queensland couple was known for their love for travel and their love for their three daughters and two grandchildren.

David Lawton, brother of Mr Lawton, told News Corp that his brother is a very good father and a good person.

Mr Lawton's sister-in-law said that the Lawton couple was excited about their trip to China. Mrs Lawton had excitedly posted on Facebook that they were "Off to China" with two of their closest friends.

Neighbours of the couple, Mandy Watt and Don Stokes also told of the nicest things about the couple. They said that the Lawtons were both hardworking. Their kids had just moved out from the family home and the couple was enjoying their time alone.

"The kids had moved on ... they're all successful, all happy. This was their time. I hate to use the cliche but they were soulmates." Mrs Watt told News Corp.

Mr Stokes shared that the China trip was planned by Mr Lawton as a means to relax after retiring in 2013.

Another neigbour Matt Cash said that all neighbours were shocked by the news.

"I've talked with a few residents in the street about what happened to Bob and Cathy. Those who knew them are especially upset. They say God has a plan, but you have to wonder when awful things like this happen to good people like Bob and Cathy. You never expect things like this to happen so close to home ... it would have been such a terrible way to go," Mr Cash said sadly.

He said that the Lawton couple was known for their warmth and friendly attitude.

"They were the second residents to build on this street, so some of us knew them well. They would always offer to keep an eye on our house if my partner and I ever went away for a while. And if I was out the front watering the yard, they would never pass by without offering a friendly hello," Mr Cash told The Queensland Times.

Mr Cash recalled how he envies Mr Lawton's skill in gardening because of how immaculate his lawn looks.

Meanwhile, Australian authorities said that they "feared the worst" for all passengers aboard the missing Malaysian flight MH370.

 "Consular officials are currently in touch with Malaysian Airlines and with the families of the missing Australian passengers. At the moment there is no clarity as to what has occurred. But can I just add that the families of the ... missing Australian passengers must be desperately concerned and the thoughts of the Australian government and I'm sure all Australians go out to them at the moment." Senator Brett Mason, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs said on Saturday.

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