Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Western Center for Journalism Report Links Edward Snowden, bin Laden, The Carlyle Group & Jacob Rothschild to Missing Boeing 777

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Global focus on the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 jet has shifted on Monday to conducting deep sea dives as the pings died, probably due to the 30-day battery life in the black box.

The search for the aircraft has somewhat taken precedence on investigating what really happened as the black box is seen as provider of clues and even evidence of the last minutes before the ill-fate MH370 plunged into the Indian Ocean, based on the conclusions by investigating bodies.

However, Western Center for Journalism writer Kris Zane resurrected a tidbit of information that became viral toward the end of March but has died down as the days passed and the disappearance marked its first month.

The writer begins with the disclosure by National Security Administration (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden that the U.S. government tracked trillions of phone calls and emails in the guise of protecting the American public against Islamic terrorism. Mr Snowden worked for the NSA's private spy agency Booz / Allen / Hamilton which in turn is linked with the alleged shadowy group Carlyle Group that purchased Booz / Allen /Hamilton reportedly for $2.5 billion in 2009.

In turn, the Carlyle Group is said to have been funded by the bin Laden group which is behind the 9/11 terror attack in New York in 2001. At about the same time, then U.S. President George W Bush was meeting with members of the bin Laden family in Ritz Carlton to discuss their investment in the Carlyle Group, the report disclosed.

The group bought in 2006 for $17.6 million Freescale Semiconductor, based in Austin, Texas, which had 20 employees aboard the Malaysian Airlines aircraft. Also included in the group of 20 Freescale employees in the Beijing-bound plane were four engineers who were also part owners of a major security patent used by airlines.

With the death of the four Chinese patent owner, it leaves ownership 100 per cent to the lone surviving patent holder who was not in the flight - Jacob Rothschild.  The patent was filed March 11, four days after the plane disappeared.

The report then points out that since the NSA has been monitoring all phone calls and airline communications, it was aware of the missing plane and was behind the confusing reports coming out about the mysterious disappearance of the jet - from stolen passports to a crazed pilot hijacking his own plane to the plane crashing into the Indian Ocean where the automated submarines are about to begin their search.

It also doubted the plane was not detected by the U.S. base in nearby Diego Garcia.

In raising the conspiracy theory, the report reminded that several years ago, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones revealed that an AT&T engineer, supported by AT&T documents, claimed that the NSA was archiving every single phone call of every American, which Mr Snowden confirmed in 2013.

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Meanwhile, a Malaysian lawyer who served as political secretary to Mahathir Mohamad, the fourth prime minister of Malaysia, is pushing the theory that the plane was hijacked using remote control, which could only be done by few western nations with such a technology on hand.

Matthias Chang supported the theory that it is Western countries that are misleading the public, citing the debris image captured by Australian and Chinese satellites, only to turn out to be sea rubbish.

He noted the coincidence between the disappearance of the MH flight with then ongoing U.S.-run military exercises in Thailand - Cobra Gold and Cobra Tiger, stressing that previous disasters were also suspiciously timed with American drills and exercises. 

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