Malaysian Airlines Flight 370: Airline Finally Admits Plane Carried Lethal Cargo Onboard Plus Hijacked by a Prince?

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The sudden disappearance of the Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 is still shrouded in mystery up to this date. The Boeing 777 plane, which carried a total of 239 passengers and crew, is still yet to be found by authorities. The plane crashed mid flight on March 8 2014, as it was bound to Beijing. The authorities have ruled out the possibility of fire damage and intervention from a passenger as the causes of the downfall of the ill-fated plane.

It was announced, however, that the plane had been carrying lethal cargo onboard before it vanished last March 8, as revealed by the Airlines. CEO Ahmad Jauhari confirmed on March 21 that the jet had been carrying onboard highly inflammable lithium-ion batteries despite announcing news otherwise four days ago. lithium-ion batteries,

Meanwhile, Malaysian authorities have since then narrowed down the investigation to the two pilots of the plane namely Captain Zaharie Shah Ahmed, 53, and Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27. A report by Telegraph UK, states that the senior authorities have forgone possibilities on a fire damage that could have knocked out all communications systems and killed the pilots and people onboard.  Lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in mobile phones and laptops, have a track record of causing airplane failures and fires.

Latest developments in the search for the airplane includes a satellite report from China wherein certain debris were said to be spotted along a remote area in the Indian Ocean. A satellite image gathered by the Australian officials also indicated that there was a cluster of debris found in the said area in the Indian Ocean.

However, Andrea Hayward, spokesperson of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority revealed that the exact coordinates of the location were not searched but later added that the coordinators will utilize the information to refine the search area.

With the mounting frustration of every party involved, the relatives of the passengers took their distress at the Malaysian Government accusing the latter of withholding information to the families. The families of the passengers in the ill-fated plane have expressed their disappointment toward the bungled handling of the missing plane. 

Recent reports by various sites have said that the plane was indeed hijacked by a Prince but sites have come out to diss such news as purely satirical in nature. There have been no reports from Malaysian Airlines whether the plane has been hijacked by a Jeddah prince and whereabouts of the plane are still unknown by those who are looking for it across around the various oceans where it was said to have flying across. 

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