Malaysian Airline Flight 370: There Is Still Hope that Passengers Might Still be Alive!

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New reports have shown that there might still be hope that the passengers of the Malaysia Airplane, Flight 370, might still alive.

Malaysian authorities have said that there is a huge possibility that the passenger of the said flight may still be alive. The officials have met with the families of the passenger of flight 370 on March 29 to tell them that there may still be hope at finding any survivors as this was reported by CNN.

The current transportation acting minister Hishammuddin Hussein had said, "Even hoping against hope, no matter how remote, of course we are praying and we will continue our search for the possible survivors." This was taken from

This was a relief and it had renewed the faith and hope of the families of those who have been waiting for news on the missing airplane for more than two weeks now.

Hussein had also said that he doesn't want to give them false hope saying:

"More than that, I told the families I cannot give them false hope. The best we can do is pray and that we must be sensitive to them that, as long as there is even a remote chance of a survivor, we will pray and do whatever it takes."

Many theories on the various routes in which the plane had flown to have been released in many reports. Satires on the missing plane have also be released by different sites making it hard for people to know what is really happening.

There is still hope that there are survivors from the plane and rescue officials are doing their best to locate where the plane may have flown off to and if there is any debris or at least sightings of the plane. The search is being conducted near the Indian Ocean where the Malaysian authorities believe the plane may have flown to for a landing in Langkawi Island.

Where can the missing Malaysian airplane be at this moment? Everyone hopes that the survivors are on a deserted island waiting for someone to find them. 

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