Malaysia Airlines Missing MH370 Flight: Celebrities Join in on the Controversy

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Relative of passenger on board Malaysia Airlines MH370 puts message on board dedicated to passengers in Beijing
A relative of a passenger on board Malaysia Airlines MH370 puts her message on a message board dedicated to the passengers at the Lido Hotel in Beijing April 1, 2014. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

The search for the Malaysia Airlines MH370 flight that went missing on Saturday, March 8 is still being continued by authorities and many people, including celebrities, are waiting for updates that may shed some light on what had happened on that fateful day. Several celebrities have joined in on the controversy which has taken the world by surprise.

As most of the passengers were Chinese, the Chinese celebrities have reacted greatly citing the Malaysian government not taking responsibility for the lives of the passengers of the missing MH370 flight. International star Zhang Ziyi is one of the Chinese celebrities that have aired her dismay in the current situation and the lack of evidence of the plane's current situation, according to the report from Asia One.

Other Chinese celebrities have also aired the same sentiments mentioning the hunt for the missing Malaysia airlines plane continues with lack of probable results causes grief to the waiting families. However, some netizens have also urged the Chinese community to practice "rational patriotism" instead of fanning the flames between the two countries.

Another story that has raised outrage from online is the infamous picture posted by the English broadcaster and journalist Jeremy Clarkson, as reported by the Huffington Post. It has received numerous comments from online followers, including from his long-time rival Piers Morgan.

Many criticized him for posting a picture of him on the plane with the oxygen masks out and the caption saying "The oxygen masks have deployed. Goodbye everyone." A commenter even said that the timing could not have been more off as the whole world knows about the sad news on the MH370.

Supports for the families of those who have been lost in the missing Malaysia Airlines are being asked by those who are following the news on the missing plane. All around the world, people are still in the dark on the truth behind the disappearance.

Everyone is praying for new evidences that will help make sense of what has happened to the plane. The Australian government is still supporting the cause in finding more information by searching the vast seas under its territory.

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