Malaysia Airlines MH17: Names of Passengers, Crew Revealed

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A part of the wreckage of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777
A part of the wreckage of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 plane is seen after it crashed near the settlement of Grabovo in the Donetsk region, July 17, 2014. The total number of dead in the crash of the Malaysia Airlines MH-17 plane in eastern Ukraine is more than 300 and includes 23 U.S. citizens, a Ukrainian interior ministry aide said. REUTERS

A list of what could be the first batch of identities of people who perished aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines MH17 had started to emerge.

The list include:

  • Joep Lange, Professor of Medicine, Head of the Department of Global Health, at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC), University of Amsterdam and president of the International AIDS Society
  • HIV researchers Dr Lucie van Mens, Martine de Schutter, Pim de Kuijer and Jacqueline van Tongeren
  • Glenn Thomas from the World Health Organisation
  • Elaine Teoh, a Malaysian national and a 27-year-old Melbourne University student 
  • Australian Albert Risk, a real estate agent, and his wife Marie
  • Nick Norris from Perth, Australia and some of his grandchildren

Sin Chew, a Chinese-language Malaysian news source, released the names of the 15 crew members:

  • Captain: Wan Amran Bin Wan Hussin (male, 50 years old);
  • Captain: Eugene Choo Jin Leong (male, 45 years old);
  • Vice- captain: Ahmad Hakimi Bin Hanapi (male, 29 years old);
  • Vice- captain: Muhamad Firdaus Bin Abdul Rahim (male, 27 years old);
  • Mohd Ghafar Bin Abu Bakar (male, 54 years old);
  • Dora Shamila Binti Kassim (female, 47 years old);
  • Azrina Binti Yakob (female, 41 years old);
  • Lee Hui Pin (female, 42 years old);
  • Mastura Binti Mustafa (female, 40 years old);
  • Chong Yee Pheng (female, 40 years old);
  • Shaikh Mohd Noor Bin Mahmood (male, 44 years old);
  • Sanjid Singh Sandhu (male, 41 years old);
  • Hamfazlin Sham Binti Mohamed Arifin (female, 42 years old);
  • Nur Shazana Binti Mohamed Salleh (female, 31 years old), and
  • Angeline Premila Rajandaran (female, 30 years old).

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Huib Gorter, Malayisa Airlines Europe vice-president, told a press conference that the nationality composition of the passengers aboard the downed Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 were:

  • 154 passengers are from the Netherlands
  • 27 from Australia
  • 23 from Malaysia
  • 11 from Indonesia
  • Six from the UK
  • Four from France
  • Four from Germany
  • Four from Belgium
  • Three from the Philippines
  • One from Canada

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Another 47 additional passengers are still being checked to determine their nationalities.

Reports claimed there were 23 US citizens also aboard the doomed flight.

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