Malaysia Airlines MH17: Dutch Wants Putin's Daughter Maria Deported to Russia From Holland

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Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a televised statement
Russian President Vladimir Putin makes a televised statement at the Novo-Ogaryovo state residence outside Moscow, in the early hours of July 21, 2014. Putin said on Monday the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in east Ukraine must not be used for political ends and urged separatists to allow international experts access to the crash site. Reuters

Now that it's been discovered that Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughter Maria is living in Holland with her boyfriend, the people of Netherlands are now clamoring for her deportation to her father's country.

It was Pieter Broertjes, the mayor of Hilversum, northern Holland, who called for the younger Putin's deportation in an interview with a radio station on Wednesday morning.

Maria is reportedly 29 years old and residing in Voorschoten, a wealthy suburb just outside The Hague, with her Dutch boyfriend.

Local media De Telegraaf likewise suggested Ukrainians living in Holland were planning to hold a silent protest outside the flat of Putin's daughter. It was able to publish a photograph of the apartment complex where Maria lives, thus giving outsiders a concrete image of where to look at.

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Indicative of the nation's frustration, Broertjes later apologised on social media for his comments, describing them as "not wise." However, he stressed "they stemmed from a feeling of helplessness that many will recognize."

On July 17, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was pierced from the sky by a surface-to-air missile believed to have been fired by pro-Russian separatist rebels. There were 298 passengers on board, all dead. Majority or 193 were Dutch citizens.

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On Wednesday morning, the first batch of 50 victims arrive home in Netherlands at Eindhoven airport. They will be transported to a Hilversum army base.

The Dutch government declared Wednesday a national day of mourning.

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The older Putin has managed to shelter his two daughters Maria and Yekaterina from media attention. Apart from the fact that very little is known them, they have also never been officially photographed as adults. 

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