Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: What Might Have Happened to the Missing Boeing 777?

Few Conspiracy Theories Swirling Around
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The search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 370 continues. More than 3 days after the news, it remains a mystery that what happened to the flight that was carrying 239 people from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Speculations are swirling around regarding what might have happened to Boeing 777 that vanished somewhere over South China Sea.

Several theories have come up suggesting various possible outcomes. One of the possibility speculated by experts was that the plane could have experienced a "spontaneous explosion" or "mid-air disintegration." Investigators say this may have happened at an altitude as high as 35,000 ft. since no debris has been located.

Another possibility suggested by experts is a possible terrorist attack. Such speculations and claims emerge from the reports claiming passengers travelling on stolen or fake passports. Ever since the reports surfaced, FBI and Malaysian Government are investigating the matter and are trying to determine the identities of the passengers travelling on Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Authorities don't rule out the possibility of terror links but no evidence of bombs on board have emerged.

The Week speculates the possibility of "deliberately steering the plane into the sea under duress by a hijacking or by a pilot committing suicide." The speculation emerges from Egypt Air crash incident in 1999 and SilkAir crash incident in Indonesia.

In a report by Sun Toronto, it is speculated that the missing MH370 might be "trapped in Vietnam." According to the theory hijackers might have held its passengers and crew hostage at "abandoned Vietnamese airport." The speculations emerged when families and friends claimed that cell phones of their missing relatives were still ringing when they called.

Mechanical failure and fault is another speculated possibility behind disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. A report claimed that the plane may have attempted to turn back, before it lost its contact. Experts suggest that "Air Turn Back" or ATB means that the aircraft must return to the airport if there is mechanical fault suspected "of any item on the aircraft," according to The Star report. More claims suggest that both the engines of Boeing 777 may have failed.

Numerous theories have emerged while experts continue to investigate the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Earlier, over 40 ships and 22 planes were deployed for the search and rescue mission. DNA India reports that China has deployed 10 high resolution satellites to assist ships and aircrafts from 10 countries on the massive search and rescue mission. It is hoped that intensified search with better technology will help find answers to the mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370/ Boeing 777.

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