Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Update: Mystery Deepens, Last Words of Pilot of Missing Jet Revealed; CIA Investigating Possibilities of Pilot Suicide

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Mystery of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has baffled one and all. More than six days after, there is still no sign of the missing Malaysian jet that vanished somewhere above South China Sea on Saturday, March 8, 2014.

The latest update is that the last words of the pilot from the cockpit of missing jet were revealed for the first time by aviation officials. Recently, a Kuala Lumpur's ambassador to Beijing, Iskandar Sarudin revealed the last words spoken by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah in a meeting with relatives and friends of the missing passengers, according to Sydney Morning Herald.

"All right, good night," were final words spoken by pilot from aircraft MH370 after he was told by air traffic controllers of Malaysia that he was about to enter Vietnamese air space. And few moments after the plane lost contact with radar and apparently disappeared.

According to Mirror UK report, the commercial director of Malaysia Airlines, Hugh Dunleavy told that the captain on board was a veteran who had an "excellent record."

"There have been absolutely no implications that we are aware of that there was anything untoward in either his behavior or attitude," added Dunleavy as quoted by Mirror UK.

He assured that there is no reason to believe that "any action" from the crew on board could cause the jet to vanish.

This is one of the biggest aviation disasters of all times. 10 hi-resolution satellites, dozens of aircrafts and ships from several countries are devoted to search the missing MH370, but to no avail.

Authorities involved have admitted that they are uncertain of the flight path taken by the missing Malaysian aircraft which was carrying 239 passengers. Mystery of the missing jet is only deepening, adding to the confusion.

Recent reports claimed that the plane may have turned back from the point where Boeing 777 lost contact with radar.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail reported that Director of CIA John Brennan revealed that experts are now investigating possibilities of suicide committed by the pilot of the Malaysia Airlines missing flight MH370.

John Brennan revealed that at this time they cannot rule out possibility of "any theory," when he was asked if possibility of pilot deliberately bringing down the aircraft persists.

According to the theory, the plane may have "disappeared" from civilian radar tracking that is constantly tracking its movement after the pilot may have turned off the transponder before it went missing.

"Could it just have been some kind of catastrophic event? I do not think people at this point should rule out any lines of inquiry," said John Brennan the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

John Brennan also said that possibility of a terrorist act cannot be discounted too, at this time. 

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