Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: Passenger's Girlfriend Pours Heart Out on Facebook

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Buddhist monks pray during an interfaith prayer for the passengers and crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, at a Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur
Buddhist monks pray during an interfaith prayer called "Hope" for the passengers and crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, at a Buddhist temple in Kuala Lumpur March 12, 2014. REUTERS/Samsul Said

With numerous updates, including misleading information coming out, one passenger's girlfriend decides to take it to Facebook and pours her heart out while the search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues.

Sarah Hamil Bajc, girlfriend of Phillip Wood, an American passenger aboard the missing airplane, shares love notes on Facebook, ranging from declaring her love to what she is doing during the day to asking Wood how he is doing - maybe in the hope that she can actually connect to Wood.

"Good morning baby, how are you holding up? I'm doing my best to bring you hope and courage to continue the fight. So many people have joined in ... it has become a prayer storm. Can you feel my love coming through to you? It is bottomless, so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are," Bajc posted on Facebook on March 21.

Reports say that Bajc and Wood had planned on relocating to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before the catastrophe began on March 8. Wood was on his flight to meet his girlfriend in Beijing, China so they can go to Malaysia together. Unfortunately, Wood didn't have the chance to do just that because the airplane vanished.

Bajc, anguished by her boyfriend's unfortunate fate, uses Facebook to vent out her feelings and talk to Wood. The love that Bajc channels through Facebook clearly resonate the feelings that the loved ones of others who are also aboard the missing airplane are feeling.

"... it has been a crazy few days," Bajc shared on March 18, talking about positive energy and the lovely photo her Aunt Mary from Virginia in the U.S. sent her. "... it reminds me of my childhood, and of your spirit. you can make it through this! i love you so much. please stay safe. xoxoxoxoxox sj," Bajc wrote.

On March 15, Bajc talked about the full moon, remembering one full moon party she and Wood attended. Bajc clings to the idea that one day flight MH370 will be found and she will see her boyfriend healthy and alive, again.

"I hope you are able to get some rest where you are, and that they are feeding you. Any chance they include a glass of wine with dinner?" Sarah Hamil Bajc also wrote to Phillip Wood.

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