Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: 35 Minutes after the Crash, Social Media Message Warns ‘Stay Away From Our Skies’; Crash Captured in Video- Reports

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More than four months after, another Malaysia Airlines plane met with a tragedy that shook the world. After disappearance of MH370-believed to be crashed in Indian Ocean- Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed over the Ukrainian skies.

According to Sydney Morning Herald report, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 "has been shot down in separatist-controlled eastern Ukraine." The plane was reportedly travelling from Amsterdam to Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur. The plane carried 298 people, 283 passengers and 15 crew members, and all are killed in the shot down. There were 27 Australians onboard.

The plane was travelling at the height of 33,000 feet and came down without making any distress call. The plane crashed in the war-struck area held by Pro-Russian Donetsk Peoples' Republic.

However, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ukrainian rebel group, denied responsibility and any involvement in the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17.

Meanwhile, is reporting that "exactly 35 minutes after" the crash of MH17, a social media account posted a message of "having brought down an aircraft." This account reportedly belongs to "eastern Ukrainian rebel commander Igor Strelkov."

"We warned you, stay away from our skies," read the message in Russian posted on (as translated on The plane crashed at 5:15pm and the message appeared at 5:50pm. According to the report, many thought Strelkov is taking the responsibility for the downing of MH17. But the report warns that "there are real reasons to doubt that the message was genuine."

The report notes, the post on the Web site was immediately deleted. Another posts emerged accusing Ukrainian government forces for being involved in bringing down Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. Also, Buzzfeed's Max Seddon informed on Twitter that the said social media page is "fake made by fans."

Also, it is noted that Strelkov's post "appeared to" claim responsibility for bringing down a "civilian airliner" called Antonove AN-26 and not MH17. Igor Strelkov is Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic.

Meanwhile, is reporting the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash was "allegedly" captured in a video by locals in the area. The video showing the impact of the plane crash just moments after it hit the ground emerged on YouTube account. The account reportedly "supports the self-defence forces of the People's Republic of Donetsk."

The video that claims to be of the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 shows a massive explosion from a distance up to several kilometres. However, the authenticity of the video is not confirmed.

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