Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis Sleeping Together: Alleged Couple gets Asked on 'Wendy William Show'

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"The Dancing with the Stars" winners Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis were recently taken aback when they were asked on "The Wendy Williams Show" that whether they are sleeping together or not.

Meryl Davis was left dumfounded when Wendy asked this question. She had her eyes wide open and she responded with one-word answer "Wow!"

However, Davis' shocked reaction did not deter Wendy from going ahead and digging their relationship status.

She further asked, "Are y'all boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers or anything?", reported E!

To this Meryl replied as, "We're not dating, no."

When asked more about her personal life, Merly said that she would like to keep her personal life personal.

Meanwhile, Davis' rumored boyfriend and dance partner Maksim Chmerkoskiy may not returning as contestant for next season of "DWTS" but would like a spot as a judge.

"I'm not a nice judge, I'm a good judge," the 34-year-old said when asked about his judging capabilities. "I'm the judge the way it's supposed to be. I know this business...I grew up in it. Somebody asked me yesterday why I started dancing. I was 4 years old, who knows what? Spending 30 years in an industry-I think I've done a little bit in it, I know what I'm talking about...unlike some of the guest judges we've had this season," he further said, reported E!

Maks and Meryl have been sparking romance rumors since the very first day of the show. After winning the "DWTS" trophy, Makism even jokingly asked Davis that he would like to have babies with here.

"I want to ravage her and have ice-skating, big, Russian, mean babies. We're going to call them Boris and Oleg. Their nicknames are going to be Bear. Both. One nickname for both, " he jibed during the show as per the reports"

However, in spite of various conjectures the two have time and again denied romance reports. 

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