Making a 'Great' Game Console Out of Apple Mac Mini

By @judithaparri on

Apple's Mac Mini will become 2 years old this year. Apple is overdue for a new version release.

Being the cheapest Mac computer from Apple at $400, consumers wonder if Apple still has plans to update it. It provides excitement, especially for the first time Mac owners. But when months passed by with no updates, Mac Mini's appeal is subsiding.

But Peter Cohen of iMore shared Mac mini can transform into a great Windows gaming system which is quite a surprising eruption from PC gamers.

The subject is a 2010 Mac mini model sporting a SuperDrive and Nvdia GeForce 320M. Windows 7 has been used since it has a broad gaming support. Although not as fast as a GPU card gamer in a PC and a graphics speed that cannot compare a unit that is dedicated to gaming, Mac mini is enough to run several games at acceptable rates. Surprisingly, Mac mini is an adept Windows gaming device.                                                                                                                                                                

All Mac minis have the possibility of running Windows games faster than they do with Mac games. Windows graphics has the tendency to be more responsive than OS X graphics on the Mac mini hardware. It is because of the extensive driver optimization of Windows.

Running Mac games exclusively in Mac mini is usually the option. There are many Mac games available in Mac App Store such as, Steam and elsewhere, which decently run on the Mac mini. To bridge the gap between Windows and Mac mini, most especially if you want to give Windows game a try, you can install a software to do the job.

Some softwares gain a huge attention since they have a broader appeal for Mac users who want to run specialty apps and business software on their device. Try Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. For gamers, CrossOver from CodeWeaver is also great since it is games-optimized and even does not require a Windows license.

The game requirements for performance do matter and while it is obvious some would need sophisticated 3D engines which can be beyond what the Mac mini can provide. Many games do not need more requirements at all, with their modest graphics which the mini can perfectly play.

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