Make Your iPhone Run Faster With These Five Housekeeping Tips

By @judithaparri on

Some iPhone owners blame Apple if their handsets are noticeably getting slower. If your device feels rusty and not running as fast as before, it is not all Apple's fault. If your version is iPhone 4, the fad these days is to run the iOS 7.1 update on your device.

Below are simple things you can do to make it run smoothly again, as compiled by The Huffington Post.

1.  Clear your browser's cache

Like your PC or laptop, clearing your phone's browser history will remove cookies and other data that you do not need but have a huge impact on the performance speed of your device. Clear this at Settings->Safari (or your browser app)->Clear History->Clear Cookies and Data.

2.  Clean your device by getting rid of anything unnecessary

Don't litter. A good way to clean up your handset is delete photos, videos and music files or even turn off Siri. Go a little bit beyond just this to clean more. Go to Settings->General->Usage. It may take some time to load but it will show you what occupies the space of your iPhone. Remove those you do not need like the old files, games that are not important to you or the music you don't even care to listen.

3.  Delete old and useless texts

There might be items in your iMessage that you need for reference but majority may not be. Delete all those old conversations at Chat, tap and hold on a sent item until you see the "More..." option. Select message to erase or simply "Delete all."

4.   Turn off auto updates

If speed is your top priority, you can turn off automatic app updates and downloads. Do this at Settings -> iTunes and App Store. Push the buttons of those you want updates or downloads disabled to the left.

5.   Turn off location services

Unless it is important between you and your family or employer, you can opt not to be located and keep your privacy. Turn off your device's location services at Settings->Privacy -> Location Services -> Turn it off completely.

When needed, you can always come back to the settings and turn on an app anytime.

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