Major iOS Jailbreak App Store Shutters

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Jailbreaking an iPhone is about having maximum control over the device. This includes tweaking a lot of things in iPhone which otherwise the original iOS prevents. Another benefit is the ability to download free apps for iPhone instead of purchasing it from Apple Store.

However, one of the major sources of pirated apps for iOS devices is gone. Hackulous, which developed Installous, has finally shut down after years in service.

The main reason why the developer stopped its operation is their stagnant for a, reports said. The devotion of their staff was not enough to keep the community online and well-moderated. The developer is still thankful for the support of their fans and members in several years of activity.

This is a bad news for Jailbroken users who use the Installous app and may have to find other similar download apps for their iOS devices.

Installous is an installation package for jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPods that lets the user to install unofficial Apple applications. The app also allows users to preview any Apple apps before the purchase.

Installous also allows the users to search for apps on Cydia and other app databases, and once the app is found, it can be downloaded to any iOS device.

The downloaded app automatically extracts itself and places the contents to the appropriate directories in iOS device. Users can also remove apps, undo specific changes and update their currently installed apps with the latest software version. It works similarly with Windows Installer except it was designed for Apple devices.

Hackulous included a short song on its Web site titled Goodnight, Sweet Prince to mark the closure of Installous.

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