Major Highlights On 1400 Minor’s Sex Assault

Top Facts On The Child Abuse In Rotherham
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Pope Francis waves the Children
Pope Francis made his first public plea for forgiveness for the "evil" committed by priests who molested children. REUTERS

A report that was published by Rotherham Borough Council, says that 1,400 minor children were sexually assaulted for more than a period of 16 years. The report has also stated about the unpleasant events that happened in the city of Rotherhan in Northern England, South Yorkshire, between 1997 and 2013. Most of the victims were 11 years old who were raped, beaten and trafficked. "It is hard to describe the appalling nature of the abuse that child victims suffered", The reports. The top facts on the children molestation are as follows:  

1. Roger Stone, the leader of Rotherham accepted the responsibility of the issue and resigned from his positon on behalf of the council.

2. Except Roger Stone's resignation that there will be no any disciplinary action against the council officers Martin Kimber, the chief executive said. The report also says that the child protection agencies know that one third of young children from this group were suffering from these issues.

3. The children were doused in petrol and threatened to be set in fire at a gun point and enable them to witness the violent rape. They also warned them that they will be the next if they disclose this to anybody else. The children have already reported to the child protection council and the police, but they failed to take action against offenders.

4. The child abuse case came to light not with the 2010 report; about 250,000 people from Rotherham, a South Yorkshire city, appeared before the court with same issue; New York Times reports. The report also mentions about the long term sentence of five men tempting three girls for having sex. It discloses one of the sexual persecutions and verdict of offenders within the past four years in the city of Oxford, Rochdale and Derby.

5. The identified perpetrators are South Asians and the victims are young white girls; some officials suspect that the social workers are exaggerating the issue on a highest level and some officers are worried about the racial concern of the raised issue.

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