Major Defects of Sperm Donation

Troubles Created by Donation of Sperm
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Sperm business children expect to search for their biological father; the records show the “Sperm donor” children succeed in their “Father Search” missions. Reuters

The rise and growth of infertility clinics across the world is bringing consolation to the couples who are seriously in need in having a baby to love and be a successor for everything that belongs to them. A new issue came up in connection with revealing the donor's name. When all donors were recruited by the hospital authorities they were promised of protection to details about them and that should be confidential. Meanwhile, all hospitals have kept and maintained the record of donor and receiver during each pregnancy attempt. To protect the anonymity of the donor, the system of coding established by which the sperm donor receives a code and the hospital keeps the data of both donor and receiver.

1. The serious issue connected with the donor business is that when children grow up, as a result of this business, they start to search for their biological father. Some latest incidents revealed that the children who found their biological fathers were those who belong to a very rich aristocratic families in Australia.

2. The report gave warning to all people in and around Australia for those who donated sperm for the infertile couples that they will expect the arrival of a child or a number of children (If you gave sperms many times and many individuals) that may possibly come to you at any time in searching for their biological father.

3. There is an increasing demand for number of donors and receivers in Britain especially of three major reasons such as single ladies can give birth to a child without a man, lesbian couples and men with reproductive problems; on the contrary there rises an agony of creating number of fatherless families. An online database is available for the lonely ladies or the donor searchers who are in need of a child; they can search a donor on the basis of race, profession, habits, height etc. A £300 required to get an anonymous donor. A donor bank will be expected to open on October and the sperm will be send to the clinic as per the choice of the receiver.

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