Magaluf Spain: Man Drags Girl to Perform in Live Strip Show

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A man pulls a demoralised young British girl to perform in a live strip show on stage in the latest among the string of expose's about the sleazy travel culture in Magaluf Spain.

A shirtless man with only spray paint to cover his whole body dragged a young British girl on stage to perform in a shameless live strip show. The man pulled the young girl from behind and replicated a sex act with the girl.

The girl, young and drunk, was obviously embarrassed as one spectator observed that "she seemed very intimidated." However, the crowd prodded on with the DJ cheering for the girl to take off her clothes.

The girl then took his bra off and more prodding from the crowd made her take her shorts off too. The man then held her head and pushed it down south. The girl, uncomfortable but coerced, covered her breasts while the man did sex acts on her.  

The live show happened as part of a paint party dubbed as PaintGlow that one unnamed source described as "raw, messy and downright sexy," an exclusive undercover investigation by Sunday Mirror found.

"Be prepared to let your hair down, get covered in paint, take off your clothes and experience the paint sensation," the source described the party more.

He said that PaintGlow usually runs from 2am from 6am and a male worker from the club was the one who usually leads the live strip show as such. The party is made all the more amazing with staff firing a bazooka-like gun loaded with yellow, pink and blue liquid.

"Paint party is amazing, I love it! There's a big massive stage with four people... with buckets of paint and f*** off guns. You tip paint in, boom and fire it at people. You come out of there soaked in paint and every single girl basically gets naked - great! It's a good laugh. There are people having sex in there all the time. Our boys who shoot the paint, they're standing on the stage, there's girls grabbing your ****," the source shared elated.

Such a scene are only one among the many sex themed parties, dubbed as pub crawls, in the island that parents should know even if they will find it difficult to even read about it, an anonymous British bouncer told Sunday Mirror.

A separate undercover investigation by AFP also found that the sleazy travel culture is out of control in Magaluf Island.

AFP's investigation found that 85 per cent of the tourists frequenting Magaluf are arriving from Britain and Ireland. As proof for this, various bar signage and bar flyers promoting drinks and parties were written in English.

The region's economy depends on its revenue from tourism. The latest data of 2013 saw 13 million visitors spending 12 billion euros or approximately $16 billion AUD.

While travel agencies were 'guiding' groups of young travelers, as young as 16 years old, in their travel to the island, guides were also touring them to bar hopping, but they leave them as soon as they got drunk.

The report from AFP also found that bars that frequently hold sex themed parties are run by British businessmen. Some of them abide by the rules set by the local government, some of them do not.

On July 25, Calvia, the municipality where Magaluf belongs, established laws regulating pub crawls to a limited number of participants. The municipality had previously closed a bar where a young girl performed sex acts on 24 men on the dance floor.

One law also prohibited "balconing", a craze involving tourists jumping from the balcony of hotels to the swimming pool. There had been a considerable number of deaths that resulted from the craze.

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