Magaluf, Spain: Couple Having Sex in Parking Lot; More Girls Exploited on Bar Crawls

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Magaluf tourism has again become centre of disgrace as new video emerged of a British couple having sex in the busy street, in between parked cars and in broad daylight.

The two-minute explicit video was recorded by a bystander.

After their deed, the woman nonchalantly stood, fixed her skirt and wipes something with a tissue handed by the man.

Magaluf, Spain, had first became the subject of the world's scrutiny when a video emerged of a young girl being cheered by the crowd to perform oral sex to 24 men on the dance floor for a prize of a misleading cocktail drink

Following the scandalous videos emerging from the island, it was found that British girls are actually being coerced to participate in sex games involving sex with strangers during bar crawls.

Carnage Magaluf, the firm organising bar crawls, is actually luring tourists by showing obscene actual footages of young girls being forced to subject themselves into sleazy games, an undercover investigation done by the Sunday Mirror found.

The undercover investigation was able to get hold of another disgraceful video of a girl being penetrated by a man from behind as she performs oral sex with another man. The crowd surrounds them as everything took place.

In this particular video, the DJ was proudly shouting: "This is Carnage and this is what we do".

In the middle of the act, the girl on the video appeared to be hesitant, but the DJ shouted loudly: "You little slag, stop f****** about. She's got stage fright, you need to **** his ****, I said. This is Carnage and this is what we do. We need to see someone get b****d here don't we? Who wants to see someone get s*****d?"

Carnage representatives were showing such videos to would-be patrons making the sales pitch that they could be the next guy in the video, the investigation revealed.

"It happens all the time. It's only because the video leaked that people are talking about it. No one out here is shocked because everyone knows it happens. It was actually one of our reps who filmed it and then he sent it to his mate and his mate put it on Facebook. He's not sorry. He's going round saying 'Oh I was the one who recorded it' and bragging about it," a representative revealed.

One young British girl told Sunday Mirror that she participated in an activity called "booze cruise" where they were blindfolded and were instructed to open their mouths for a shot. However, they were surprised that men's genitals where put in their mouths instead.

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