Magaluf Spain: Boy Smashes Own Eye Socket – More Horrific Accident Exposed

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A bouncer working in one of the bars in Magaluf Spain speaks about the horrific accident that young travellers get themselves into.

A young boy had smashed his own socket, his eye landing on his cheek, as he suffered alcohol poisoning in Magaluf Spain, a bouncer working in the island revealed.

He said that sales of fake alcohol are rampant in the island. Fake alcohol causes alcohol poisoning that is attributed to most of the horrific accidents happening to young travellers. These kids are so paralysed with alcohol that they do not feel their bodies throbbing of poisoning.

Tour guides, who are supposedly to act as chaperone for travellers as young as 16 years old, persuade them to buy all-you-can-drink wristbands for £20 ($36 AUD). And as these young explorers get heavily drunk, the tour guides left them, usually in the gutter, to take care of themselves.

A bar promoter, just within 10 yards from each other, also sells buy all-you-can-drink wristbands.

Young tourists travelling the island think they failed if they do not get themselves totally wasted during their visit.

The bouncer said that it is also because of heavy alcohol consumption that girls are being exploited during club parties.

"One club has a 'naked stage'. A big sign reads: 'If you're not naked, **** off.' The DJs get drunk girls to take part in simulated sex shows. None of them would dream of doing it back home, but it's the booze and wild atmosphere that gets them," the bouncer told Sunday Mirror.

He said that whenever a DJ gets a young girl performed sex acts on stage, a bar staff will film the performance and show it to passing tourists outside to attract them to party in the bar.

The worst thing he had witnessed is of a girl performing oral sex to a DJ while she sat on a sink plunger. He said this is the most worrying culture as even bar sales representatives were in contests on who will bed the most girls in one night.

Rape and assault are almost inevitable as Eastern European men preyed on young drunk British girls.

Sex is so rampant in the island that an on-going joke had it that condom machines are forever empty.

On the other hand, young boys are being preyed upon by adult prostitutes who lead them on with having sex on the beach but will only steal their wallets and gadgets.

On top of all these, cheap cocaine is readily available as it only cost £30 ($54 AUD).

He said that the culture in Magaluf is "what every parent should know but none will want to read." He dared allowing his two daughters to set foot in the island.

Deaths had also been reported in the island as young tourists participate in the "balconing" craze which involved jumping from a hotel's balcony to the pool.

Aggressive brawls are normal occurrence. Fights happened in the streets with drunk youngsters throwing up and passing out or being rushed to the hospital on stretchers.  

A recent travel advisory from the Australian government dated July 31 advised travelers to exercise normal safety precautions in Spain, exercise common sense and be mindful of suspicious behaviour as Aussies would do in Australia.

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