Magaluf, Spain: 19-year-old Nymphomaniac Finds Haven in the Island

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Nineteen-year-old British nymphomaniac confesses that she finds haven in Magaluf, Spain as her desire for 25 orgasms a day were met in the island.

For the British nympho, Magaluf is the perfect place for someone like her who turns temperamental when desire for sex is not quenched.

"I love sex. I'm Britain's greatest nympho, but I do suffer with an addiction. I'm constantly horny and always thinking about sex. Because my sex drive is so high my needs are a lot harder to fulfil," Cerise, who works as a fashion model, told The Daily Star.

She confessed that she is bisexual but that two men she had sex with in Magaluf had satisfied her.

She said she tried not to be a slag, always uses condoms, and have never had an STI.

Sexual games were not the only thing rampant in Magaluf. Rowdy behaviour such as damaging hotel furniture, kicking doors down, smashing mirrors, and even throwing televisions outside hotel windows were also widespread.

British tourists were the ones notorious of misdemeanours. Out of the 107 tourists being expelled from hotels, 92 were British, according to a report from the Palmanova-Magaluf Hotel Association released on July 7.

"The vast majority of the expulsions are down to three reasons.The first is guests damaging hotel furniture, kicking doors down, smashing mirrors and even throwing TVs out of their rooms. The others are fights with other guests and verbal and physical attacks on hotel staff. The vast majority are always British men, aged between 18 and 25," Joan Espina, vice president of the Palmanova-Magaluf Hotel Association said.

"Virtually all the problems we're experiencing are connected to the misuse of drugs and alcohol and obviously we'd urge these youngsters to take care," Espina added.

Espina said that they blacklisted all expelled guests so that other hotels can be warned.

"Most of the people that are expelled for bad behaviour promise they won't do it again but we usually find a lot of them have already caused trouble before. Where there's been vandalism hoteliers try to get compensation from those who've caused it but it's very difficult in practice.

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